Essay on “What is Devotion”

Devotion is one of the main positive qualities of a person. He is characterized by loyalty, which rests on love and shows a tendency to express his self even in difficult moments of life.

Devotion gives its owner a certain power. With it, you can go all the way for a specific goal, prejudice or loved one. There are times when devotion wholly captures and manifests itself as an unhealthy deviation from accepted norms. This can push the person to thoughtless actions, which can later be regretted, and in cases with impulsive people, things can go to the point of murder.

In the modern world, loyalty is welcomed by many people, because not everyone is given to possess it. Devotion reveals and reveals the best aspects of man, and to a certain extent exalts him over others.

However, there are many cases where increased loyalty and diligence in the work harm the individual who showed it. Perhaps one of these is the loyalty of children who are ready for anything for the sake of mothers and fathers. They are strongly loyal to the family and fear not to meet established requirements, or to disappoint loved ones. And by the end of their lives, they realize that they spent their years satisfying others’ desires. Such loyalty is unjustified and only harmful.

Probably the most famous and memorable example of devotion is the story of Hachiko’s helper dog. The man to whom the dog was attached died on the road, but the animal did not know this and was waiting for him at the station. In rain and hail, he waited at the station for a train, on which the owner, as a rule, came after a hard day. And so it was repeated day after day, for several years. In the end, the poor animal died at this station. This is probably the most sincere and reliable devotion.

Human loyalty can manifest itself in many ways. Suppose there is dedication to your work or business, where career growth is stubbornly built, devotion to your friends, a hobby, or devotion to loved ones and so on. But do not forget that this trait should be shown at the right time, in the right place, and not harm the owner and object of loyalty. Otherwise, a quality that is inherently good, over time, can become an impetus for destroying a person and destroying the inner protection that is experienced by him and the one to whom it is addressed. Those who are completely embraced by windiness inadequately perceive the feelings and emotions of those around them, as well as their own.

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