Essay on “What kind of person can be considered successful”

To understand how to become a successful person, you must first decide what success is for a person. As for me, success is when a person’s efforts in a certain area of ​​life bring a positive result and moral satisfaction. We reach our first successes as kids. Helpless babies eventually take their first steps and pronounce the first complex sentences. Then the child grows up and knows how to do more and more things on his own, and this is his success, laid down by nature. But in adulthood, our success depends on ourselves, on our desires and desire to work. And it is important that these dreams be worthy of the forces that we spend on their implementation.

Now a person is considered successful who is popular, handsome in appearance, travels a lot, has money, opportunities, fans, a bunch of friends, entertainment and actively uses it, flaunting it on social networks. Most teenagers dream of such success. The generation of my parents considered good personal housing, a car, a strong marriage, a good education, a stable well-paid job as an indicator of a person’s success. Even earlier, some excellent meaning was put into the concept of success. That is, the concept of success varies depending on social conditions.

And as shown by the experience of people who were considered or are considered successful, external success does not always make them happy. And yet success in one thing – career or creativity – does not guarantee success in personal life. And how many people in pursuit of meeting social standards of success lost their true talents, desires and dreams. How many creative people renounced their hobbies for the sake of a high salary in an unloved job, how many people chose life partners not according to their inner feelings, but through their money or high social status!

So, from all of the above, I can draw a conclusion for myself – only a person can measure a person’s success. How pleased he is with his life, and whether he has success. Only the man himself knows what he wants, what he did for this, and what he finally received. The real success of a person is the ability to listen to oneself and be able to withstand other people’s opinions and fashion when they impose a false path.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.