Essays on “Autumn in My City”

Autumn always comes not noticeably. And to be more precise, its approach comes suddenly. It was just June and the summer ahead was full of interesting events. And already you are going to buy stationery and choose an outfit for the line. The sun goes to sleep faster and the nights get longer. There are more and more schoolchildren and students, they meet after a long separation and talk on every corner. In the morning, traffic jams are getting denser. Holidays are over.

In the city at this time it becomes sad. The leaves are falling, people are increasingly wrapped in gray clothes and in a hurry every day faster. People walking around the streets are becoming less common. Everywhere you can hear talk about the past vacation and lamentation over the fast-approaching autumn. Puddles at night creep up to each porch and meet at the very exit from the house along with the rain, which really wants to climb into our neck. Save only umbrellas, which like bright spots on the gray background of the city decorate the streets. In the evenings, the windows of multi-storey buildings shine warmly. And this, perhaps, is one of not many pluses of the autumn. At the entrance to the house, you feel the aroma of baked apples, which are now full in every apartment. Grandmothers trade in asters and gladioli, the unchanging paraphernalia on September 1.

On sunny days, the countryside outside the city is much more picturesque. Trees acquire colors from bright yellow to dark burgundy. Under the feet is a carpet of leaves. And if the nose is not stuffed up, which often happens at this time, then the scents of the autumn forest immediately wrap from head to toe. At the dachas, the remaining crop is harvested and the houses are left to winter until the next season.

Everything is getting ready for hibernation, people would also not mind falling into it, if it weren’t for things, which, after a summer vacation, usually become a little more. Autumn is a time of change. Posters were hung around the city with the new season of the next broadcast on television. A new countdown to the summer begins.

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