Essays on “Nature in Autumn”

Perhaps autumn is the most beautiful and picturesque time of the year. After all, it is in the fall that big changes in nature take place. No wonder Russian poets were so fond of describing this wonderful time of the year, in the fall of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin, autumn was the most favorite time of the year. She comes very imperceptibly. Only the following signs remind of autumn: yellowing of leaves, cool and short nights, migratory birds. Walking in the park in early autumn, sometimes there are not enough words to describe the transformation of nature, only an artist can paint a picturesque autumn landscape on canvas. The foliage on the trees changes from golden to red, and in the birch grove instead of leaflets it seems that gold coins are hanging, which from the light breeze of the breeze begin to ring immediately, which is already breathtaking.

And how beautiful it is early in the morning in the park in fine and sunny weather. It is imperative to go outdoors in the fall, walk in the parks, collect leaflets. Trees against the bright sky just shine, and I do not want to leave all this splendor. It is pleasant to walk along the fallen leaves, which, like a soft carpet, lie on the ground. The lakes in the park begin to darken and resemble glass, frogs croaking almost inaudibly becomes, birds begin to fly south. Squirrels who live in the park begin to behave fussy, and not surprising, because they need to prepare for the winter: hide nuts in the forest litter, mushrooms – in the bark of trees. The beauty of autumn nature is bewitching like a fairy tale. Yes, the autumn season is the time of fairy tales and magic. Let autumn not go away and make us happy yet.

Unfortunately, the time of golden autumn ends, the weather begins to frown and the rainy season begins. The trees in the park begin to dump their crimson foliage, and so I do not want to part with the beautiful autumn time, but I want to admire the beautiful autumn landscapes. Walks in the park begin to be sad, birds with a farewell cry begin to fly south, and instead of rain, the first snowflakes begin to appear, which remind us of the onset of another time, winter. Perhaps no other season can boast of such diverse changes in nature and an abundance of colors.

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