Essays on “Spring Rain”

Winter is over. The sun is already shining completely differently, birds are cooing, spring drops are heard, hundreds of brooks winding rivulets run their own way, forming the starting places for the boats of local children. Something new, inexplicable, awakens in the soul. The air is filled with aromas of thawed snow, wet earth, overwintered grass. The sky is blue, not gray, as it was during the last months of a harsh and cold winter.

Around nature wakes up – the trees shook off their heavy branches, waking up from hibernation, something that was known to him alone, rook chirped. A red fox ran out to the edge of the forest, sniffing cautiously, lay down on the grass to bask in a speck of light.

A light breeze blew. Chanterelle discontentedly led her face and, wagging her tail, ran into the forest for her foxes. The wind grew stronger, catching gray clouds. Cap Cap Cap The first drops of spring rain were slammed on the ground. The rooks, chirping anxiously, flew into their nests. The slanting rays of the sun made their way slightly from behind the clouds. The rain was gaining strength. Puddles and streams charged under the pressure of jets, increasing in size before our eyes. The air was saturated with the incomparable aroma of the first, still shallow rain. Rare spots of snow fell apart and turned into melt water. Birds and animals in the forest hid in nests, burrows, growling and chirping with displeasure at the damp.

The rain was gaining strength. Like a little boy, he ran along the village with the wind, forcing everyone to hide in their homes, along the edge of the forest, along a country road. Large drops were drumming on the roofs of houses. Random birds flew quickly, not circling over the village, wondering where the warm sun had disappeared. Geese and ducks happily went out to the meadow – that is who really was glad about such a change in weather. Finding a larger puddle, they began to dive and swim. There was a booming noise of drops in the forest. Under the furry Christmas trees from the rain hid all living creatures. Water flowed into the holes and so the animals were not happy with the damp.

The breeze began to subside, taking the rain with it farther and farther to new unexplored places. Light drops still fall from the sky, as if retaining their authority. Cheerful streams joyfully rang on the ground, taking in the last drops from the clouds, anticipating how the brave flotillas of boys would rush along them.

And only a random passerby will raise his head and smile at the first spring rain.

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