Essays on “Summer Vacations”

Summer holidays are the most joyful time for schoolchildren, they are the most long-awaited, we are always looking forward to them. I really love summer, it’s the most beautiful time of the year. In summer, you can walk for a long time on the street with friends. There is an opportunity to take a break from studying and enjoy the summer weather.

I like to visit the river with friends. There we swim, relax and have fun. I especially like to bury completely in the sand, and only the head remains on the surface. It looks a lot of fun. We also build sand castles. In general, the beach is very interesting. In the mornings, we try to go fishing with dad. Somehow, since I had a large catch and I took a picture of it and showed it to friends.

During the summer holidays, we, of course, as a whole family, go to the village with our grandmother. She is already aged and needs our help. When we arrive, the grandmother is very glad to us. He waits and meets us with a smile. He will prepare us many varied foods and immediately set us all at the table. She has her own house and a small garden. Of course, I help her too, and my dad, having discovered even the slightest damage, immediately repairs. I really like to be in her village, enjoy the surrounding beauty. We will definitely go to the forest for mushrooms and berries. The forest is very calm, only birds singing, and the air smells of herbs and fragrant strawberries. There are a lot of animals in the forest.

Parents leave, and I stay with my grandmother. There are many guys who also come from the city. I am friends with them, and we spend all the time on the street. We find all kinds of entertainments, and sometimes, we freely speak on different topics. And we run to the surrounding streets. Meet the village boys there. With them we play soccer and volleyball.

Before departure, the guys and I arranged gatherings around the night fire. We talked a lot, fried bread, sausages and remembered how we spent the summer in the village. It was a pity to leave.

From life in the village I only had pleasant memories. At such moments, time in the village ended very quickly. In memory of my vacation, I have preserved photographs. That’s how I spent the whole summer in the village with my grandmother.

I had the most amazing summer holidays. Only by the end of summer I begin to miss my friends at school. When we are going to the first of September on the school line, we share our impressions of the summer holidays. Of course, I like to study, but I like summer holidays more than anything.

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