Essays on the subject: “Spring Thunderstorm”

It was a sultry sunny day. The sun was shining and the clear blue sky did not portend rain. A light aroma of just blossoming lilacs floated over the air, over which bees circled. On the paths lay earrings of birch trees, which had already managed to wear emerald outfits.

But a light wind rose and somewhere far away on the horizon the black clouds began to cover the sky. Gradually they covered the sun. Silence reigned, the bees stopped their cheerful buzz and hid in a hive. The singing of birds ceased to be heard, only the wind rose more and more, lulling nature.

There was thunder, but no lightning was visible. So the storm is still far away, that means there is still time to hide under the roof and watch the raging elements from the side, without becoming part of its mesmerizing and frightening action. But from the sky the first uncertain large drop of rain fell on a sheet of lilac, followed by a second, third. It begins to rain, he bangs on the roof, knocks on the window. Outbreaks began to be seen in the dark sky, accompanied each time by peals of thunder. The thunderstorm is here, the wind wears white petals through the air, crushes grass to the ground. Puddles form in the surface irregularities. The earth was waiting for this moisture, it is saturated with it.

The storm began suddenly and also suddenly disappeared. The wind died down, the clear sun shines. Again, insects fly and you can hear the tit chirping. And only puddles and crushed grass remind of the recent revelry of the elements. A multi-colored rainbow hung on the horizon, each strip of which merged into one enchanting look. Solemnly and magically looks nature after a thunderstorm.

Spring thunderstorm – the first thunderstorm of the year. She awakens come from sleep, fills the air with a fresh heady aroma. There will be many more thunderstorms, but spring ones are always special, bringing joy to a person, giving hope that behind every life turmoil, like a thunderstorm, there comes a time of clear days, when the warm sun is easy to breathe and the sun is warming, warming the soul.

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