Essays on the theme: “Christmas tree”

The most necessary and main attribute of the New Year was and always is the Christmas tree. With her appearance in the house, a festive atmosphere and mood reigns.

In our family, it is customary to acquire a living Christmas tree every year. It is she who can deliver real emotions and a sense of celebration. Spruce should be about two meters and fluffy to fill the room with its beauty and the aroma of the holiday. We install the tree in a special stand, and the trunk must be placed in a bucket of wet sand. That’s when the forest beauty is steadily settled in place, you can begin to decorate it.

Every year for the New Year tree, we buy some new outfits. It all depends on the coming year and, of course, on the mood when choosing in the store. But basically, we think through the whole outfit of our Christmas tree in advance.

The most interesting and long-awaited for children is precisely the decoration of the New Year tree. And so I always ask parents to be the main in this action. At the very top of our spruce, a star is always set. It is already as a tradition of the New Year holiday in my family, and we never change it from year to year. We have a red star with a backlight. Well, and then always in different ways we dress up the New Year’s beauty. But be sure to hang a luminous garland on which there are many modes of illumination. Without it, the tree will not be quite elegant and fabulous. All kinds of beads, tinsel, colorful balls and figures fall on the New Year tree.

When all preparations are completed, you can enjoy your labors. After all, a real miracle happened. In a short time, an ordinary spruce became a New Year’s princess, which will bring happiness, joy and a lot of gifts to the house.

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