Essays on the theme: “First Snow”

The first snow is a real fairy tale for me. It always falls out unexpectedly and brings with it special comfort, calmness and kindness. When I see the first snowflakes outside the window, I immediately want to give up all my business and go outside. Even if there will be very little of it, I enjoy looking at the snow-covered trees and roofs of houses. It would seem that a few hours ago the whole world was gray, dull, boring. And now fun reigns around.

White flakes always transform everything around. They hide dirt, decorate tree branches, stick to clothes, creating patterns. And I especially like it when a lot of snow falls and it neatly hangs from the roofs of houses.

My first snow is associated with the beginning of winter and the approaching New Year. But all children love this holiday. The smell of Christmas trees, gifts, colorful balls and delicious dishes on the table – all this must be accompanied by snowfall outside the window, because only in this way you can realize the beauty of this atmosphere.

When there are more white flakes on the street and people go out with shovels and whiskers to clear paths, and special snowplows are actively driving along the roadway, my friends and I make snowmen, play snowballs and come up with more winter fun. My parents often scold me when I come home with snowdrifts on my head and shoulders, but quickly calm down, because they like the snow too.

The snow is fresh. I constantly want to go outside, take a deep breath and leave this freshness in myself forever, because it is simply impossible to quickly enjoy it. When I inhale this fragrance, it seems to me that I am filled with energy and can do anything. Therefore, in the days of the first snow, my strengths are not only enough for walking with friends, but also for helping parents with the housework. And last year, dad taught me how to clear snow, so now I will do it every year.

I also like the first snow because it sometimes falls on my birthday. I was born just at the beginning of December and on this day, ten years ago, the city was first covered with snow. Dad loves to tell me how on this day he got to the maternity hospital through snowdrifts with balls and flowers to congratulate my mother and see little me.

The first snow makes me happy and I am sure that after many years I will also run out into the street and catch snowflakes in my tongue. I really hope that I will not be alone, because such wonderful moments can not be missed!

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