Essays on the theme: “Loneliness”

Loneliness is the social position of a person in which he does not have a family or loved ones. Loneliness is terrible. It is difficult to imagine lonely people, but they are and, without a doubt, very unhappy. You can recall and give an example about a broom, each twig of which, one by one, breaks easily, but does not lend itself entirely. People should always have some kind of communication with others, otherwise they become closed and can go into themselves.

Loneliness comes suddenly. It does not warn of its coming. Just once a person realizes that there is not a single person around him who can help him. Mostly people themselves are to blame for their loneliness. They are isolated from society or simply do not value it. But sometimes loneliness comes on its own. After all, there are people whom all relatives died, and they were left completely alone in this big world. Loneliness can happen to everyone. We must remember this and try to surround ourselves with those people who will remain with us at all costs. Although loneliness comes suddenly, it does not disappear either. It leaves a mark on the heart of a person that cannot be washed away with anything. Loneliness breaks people and their destinies. It changes the worldview of a person.

With loneliness, unlike other feelings, you can not fight. You can only try to get rid of it. To do this, you must again find a friend or soulmate. And even better, do everything so as not to come to loneliness. To love a family, to value friends, not to offend people and to treat them well. This is the only way to protect yourself from this monstrous word – loneliness.

Loneliness is not always bad. Sometimes, people even strive to be alone for at least a few minutes in order to solve some important problems. Creative people, during solitude, come out from under the pen wonderful lines due to the fact that they are inspired by such a state.

From a social point of view, loneliness is terrible. In addition to constant depression, it can also cause many mental disorders in a person. Still, there are people who can live alone and not go crazy, but there are few such people and they do not live in our midst. We must try to avoid loneliness, from childhood we need to make friends, make new friends and not become isolated. And with existing friends you need to try to maintain a good relationship and never quarrel. Loneliness in old age is also very scary when there is no one to give a glass of water to. Therefore, you need to try to get married or get married, and then have children. Lonely people need to be supported, visited, and rendered all possible assistance, because it is very difficult for them to live in this world all alone.

Summing up, we can say that loneliness is the worst social situation of a person, in which he can not only remain in old age all alone, but even lose his mind. Therefore, to prevent such a terrible incident. It is necessary to protect and value your friends, parents, relatives. After all, they are a sure cure for loneliness.

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