Essays on the theme: “spring forest”

For a long, cold winter, everything in the forest seems to freeze. Many animals hibernate. Birds with offspring that have grown up over the summer fly away to the warmer climes during the winter. Plants and trees fall asleep under warm snow cushions until the first warm days.

But with the onset of spring, everything begins to come to life slowly. With the advent of the first thaws in the forest, everything seems to wake up after a hard winter time. The first migratory birds return to their nests, and everything around is filled with cheerful twittering and singing of the feathered inhabitants of the forest.

Funny streams begin their run along the edges and glades, filling the forest world with gentle ringing and soft murmur. The air becomes fresh and sweet. The first timid flowers show their green shoots on numerous forest glades. Very soon they will bloom and expose their first petals to the still modest sun.

Buds begin to swell in the trees, filling the forest with subtle aromas of resin. The first animals awaken after a long winter hibernation, get out of their holes and den, substituting fluffy muzzles under the gentle sun’s rays. With the advent of spring, the hungry and cold season ends for animals, now they can find food and give a start to a new life.

In spring, the usual bustle returns to the forest. Everywhere the activity of the forest dwellers is boiling, everywhere the sound of animals and birds is heard. Everyone enjoys the warm sun and celebrates the end of winter. Now animals will have a lot of trouble. After all, you need to equip a home, get food, have new offspring and be sure to stock up with everything you need for the next long winter. An endless series of affairs awaits animals throughout the spring and summer.

The spring forest is filled with many sounds and smells. Everything wakes up, moves, lives. The beginning of spring is the beginning of a new life cycle, like a new dawn after a dark night time. The forest is filled with coolness, spicy aromas, endless movement. Located in the spring forest – a real pleasure. You can endlessly watch the revival of the forest world, enjoy bird trills and breathe the clean, fragrant air of the spring forest.

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