Essays on the theme: “The best day at school”

Everyone probably had such a day at school, which can be safely called the best! For some this is the day when there were five in the diary, for others it is the day when smart buns were given in the dining room, but, I think, for many this day is the first of September.

On this day, mothers lead us by the hands, and we experience that sweet exciting feeling – we are waiting for the first time we go to school, we will sit at the desk and, finally, we will begin to receive our first portion of knowledge. On this day, we shine with smiles on our children’s faces, our parents are proud of us, what can I say, we are proud of ourselves, because now we are not anyhow who, we are first-graders! And in our hands we have bouquets of roses, asters, hyacinths, chrysanthemums for people who will accompany us in the near future, will be our mentors, our second parents – flowers for our very first teachers.

For us this is not just a holiday, not just the first day at school – this is our first day in a new life! Now we do not go to kindergarten, we are now students! We will receive new knowledge! We are now adults!

On this day, we are all diligent students, sitting in a beautiful new school uniform, hands neatly folded on the desk, and carefully listening to our teacher. After the first school day, we run home with a smile on our faces, telling our parents about our first day as a student! We tirelessly chirped mom about what lessons we had, what kind and kind teacher we had, how many friends we had, how big the class, what grades we got and, of course, what we fed in the dining room!

Arriving home, we carefully hang our clean school uniform on our shoulders and sit down for lessons, read the syllables with mom, we are still overwhelmed with emotions, this is the first task! And the thoughts “I am no longer small” flash through my head. Having done all the work, having eaten, and having played enough on the street, we go to bed early so as not to be late for school in the morning.

Yes, everyone has their own best day at school, their memories, some remember the day when there were only fives in the diary, others the day when smart buns were given in the dining room. But I believe that the best day at school is the very first day when the unknown surrounds us, and at this moment we embark on the path of a new life, towards endless adventures!

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.