Essays on the topic: “Autumn Forest”

During the warm summer, autumn comes. Autumn lasts three months – September, October and November. And each autumn month is beautiful in its own way.

In the early autumn, in September, in the forest, an artist – autumn paints trees and bushes with yellow and red colors only a little. When the wind blows, golden, red, ocher leaves swirl in the air, and smoothly fall to the ground. Maples and birches are especially beautiful and fabulous at this time. In some places, autumn flowers bloom in sunny clearings. The sky in September is high and transparent. The air in the forest is clean and fresh.

September is a mushroom and berry season. There are a lot of red boletus, brown boletus in the forest. On old stumps the mushroom picker will find many mushrooms. Families of red chanterelle mushrooms hide in the dense grass. If you walk through the woods with a basket, you can pick up sweet blueberries or bright red bones. The mountain ash blushes in clusters. On viburnum, the berries become transparent and scarlet. Bird cherry hangs from branches with black shiny clusters.

Animals in the fall prepare stocks for the winter. Squirrels pick mushrooms. Bear eats juicy and ripe raspberries. Migratory birds gather in flocks and prepare for migration to warmer climes.

The sky in autumn in clear weather is blue and high. In early autumn, when the sun shines brightly, almost invisible cobwebs circulate in the air in the forest. On rainy days the sky is gray, low.

In October, the first frost sets in. Foliage crumbles from the trees and lays on the ground with a multi-colored carpet. Flowers wither. The first fragile ice appears on puddles in the morning. In the sky, birds shoals stretch to the south, saying goodbye to the autumn forest. The forest becomes transparent, the colors fade.

In November, the forest is transparent and fresh. Only in some places red or orange leaves are visible on the trees. Against the background of a bare forest, only firs and pines brightly turn green. But a lot of bright red and orange berries hang on rowan and viburnum – they will help birds survive the hungry winter. The sky becomes gloomy, gray. The air is frosty and smells of pretty foliage. The bear, having walked up in the last autumn days, lays in the den for the winter. It’s snowing often. The foliage underfoot on the ground is dark and withered.

Nature falls asleep in November. Behind the bright autumn, white winter sets in.

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