Essays on the topic: “The Difference Between Dream and Desire”

What is the difference between desire and dream? Few people distinguish the meaning of these two concepts, because for many it seems that this is one and the same. But it is not so. Therefore, in order to answer the above question, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the words “dream” and “desire”.

Desire is what we want at the moment, and we can do it. For people, desire is something that is attainable and is obtained in ninety percent of cases. I wanted – I got it. A dream is another. This is something that is very difficult to achieve. Sometimes we can hear from people: “My dream has come true.” We hear joy and delight in this phrase. And all because a person has been waiting for this for a very long time. Walked to his dream. Over a lifetime, a person has only a few dreams, since the desired is very difficult to obtain. In my opinion, a dream is an ideal. Something so extraordinary that we can think about all day long. But just think. A dream cannot be called plans for tomorrow. The plan for the next day is desire.

Once, somewhere I read this phrase: “Dreams must be crazy and unrealistic, if for you it is real, then this is just a plan for tomorrow” And with this opinion I completely agree. To achieve this “ideal”, you need to work hard. I will give an example from the famous work of Ivan Alexandrovich Goncharov “Oblomov”. We all know the main character – Ilya Ilyich. A lazy dog ​​and a dreamer. His desires, unfortunately, overcame his dreams. His main dream was to create a family. And that in this family love and care always reigned. But addiction to a lazy lifestyle prevailed. Very often, more precisely, almost always, he lay on the bed and thought about his house in a quiet village and about his beloved wife, who loved him. He told himself that he would leave soon and begin to do business. But he didn’t succeed. His desire was to rest and not think about anything.

My opinion is this: the desire is easy to fulfill, but the dream is not. But for each person everything is individual. For example, someone will say that he wants to become rich and he will come up with how to translate this into reality. And the other will say “ah, if I had money” This means that a person dreams, but will not act and achieve his goal. In accordance with this example, we can conclude that dreams and desires depend on the person himself. How will he perceive his thoughts, wishes.

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