Essays on the topic: “Why do people betray a dream?”

A dream is one of the most important goals in life that a person strives for. But due to life circumstances, he may refuse it. It becomes sad to realize this fact. Especially often, the rejection of dreams occurs in young years, when worldviews and desires change with age.

It also happens that a person gives his dream, because of laziness. Seeing that for some reason it is not possible to carry it out, he gives up and there is no desire to fight. As a result, people do not receive the appropriate education and work at their favorite job. About dream work, one can only dream, some try to fix everything, others leave everything as it is. But such a situation also occurs, at that moment when a person understands that the chosen profession does not bring enough income to fully support the family.

Human dreams are a small chance to get away from real life and are simply important for realizing one’s destiny. There is a dream, which means there are forces for its existence. And therefore, it is believed if people turn away from her, commit a big crime. It is clear that desires are not fulfilled instantly at the “click of a finger”, because that is why one should fight for them.

Thoughts are material, and only because of how the person’s subconscious mind is set up, his life will be arranged.

Useful tips: you need to think only about the good and strives for this.

Instead of achieving our goal, we cherish this fantasy every day, gradually moving away from it. Many people ask the question: why is this happening? Probably deep down and on the subconscious we are afraid to get what we want. After all, is it not true that it is much simpler just to rarely dream of something good. Therefore, you need not to be afraid, but go decisively towards your goal. Do not succumb to internal fear and cowardice, since sometimes it is these facts that prevent a person from achieving his goals in life. Therefore, dream, and do not give up your desires. First, it should be understood that this decision is correct and will not bring further harm. It is easy to betray your dream, but not everyone can reach it and overcome all obstacles.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.