Essays on “What is Beauty”

Beauty is a very broad concept. Any person perceives the world in his own way. What someone considers beautiful may seem ugly to another. Someone admires forests, fields, mountains, sunrises and sunsets, beautiful landscapes and other surrounding nature. For some, beauty lies in a person – precise facial features, slender, toned body, strong hair, smooth skin, big eyes.

I believe that one cannot call beautiful what is harmful and is used with bad intentions. For example, a weapon. It can look attractive, look good, be made by the hands of the best master, but it will never be beautiful for me, because it brings evil and death.

For me, beauty is something deeper that does not touch, but is experienced by the soul. Beauty is the kindness and guardianship of a person, it is frankness, compassion, responsiveness and the ability to support in difficult times. I really appreciate these friends, because you can rely on them in any environment.

You cannot judge a person without knowing his inner world. People can have flawless and correct by all standards facial features, an excellent figure, excellent style, but at the same time their thoughts can be filled with negativity. Such people will never be beautiful for me in my life.

Beauty is not something global, but vice versa. Much more beauty lies in a tiny kitten who just opened his eyes, the first flower of spring, freshly baked bread, in the happy face of a loved one, in a good deed. Beauty is in the details.

Beauty is something that cannot be bought for money. Beauty is how each of us looks at the world, how we perceive ourselves and those around us, this is harmony to which we must strive daily from year to year. Beauty lies in love, because only a loving and beloved person can see beauty in everything: in the smile of passers-by, in the buzzing of insects, in the trill of birds, in rain and thunder, and also in one’s soul.

I think that beauty can be found in anything and even in bad rainy weather. Indeed, for some, a puddle is an accumulation of water, but for someone it is a reflection of the sky.

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