Essays on “What is childhood”

Everyone’s childhood is different. Everyone has different wealths in the family, there are complete and single-parent families, while someone lives in boarding schools and has no parents at all. Therefore, to say that childhood is a wonderful time, not everyone will become, for someone it was quite difficult.

My childhood was good, there were a lot of positive memories, a lot of stories I can remember and tell with inspiration. My family is mom, dad, older brother and me. Dad always worked on shifts, so he was absent very often. But if he was at home, he took me everywhere with him, unlike my brother, I liked to go with him to the forest, to the mountains, and they went to wash the car together. In general, we have a close-knit family, and when it turned out on the weekend, we all loved to ski together, go to the forest for mushrooms and berries. We used to drive a tent overnight to the forest, on the river bank. In the summer we were sent to grandmothers in a village, at first they lived with one grandmother, then we were taken to a neighboring village to another grandmother. In addition to my brother and I, our cousins ​​also came and we all went for walks together, inventing entertainments for ourselves.

And also my brother and I were allowed by the parents to get a dog, not immediately, but still. Of course, brother was more concerned with Chernysh, not me, but I well remember how happy we were when he appeared with us. Once we walked with my brother and in one of the porches of our house we found a box with kittens. I could not pass by, and we took one kitten. They came home, his parents were not at home yet, we bathed him, fed him. And I could no longer imagine life without this creature, surprisingly my parents agreed to leave him. It turned out to be a cat, we called her Chita. So I got responsibilities, because most of all I wanted to leave her. But these are pleasant chores, I have never regretted that I brought her home. She is a very smart and well-mannered cat; she has never scratched or bit me in her entire life.

One of our favorite holidays was the new year. Many guests with children always came. Adults arranged various games with prizes. Dressed as Santa Claus and gave children gifts. I was lucky with my parents. I believe that my childhood passed very correctly, I don’t remember being abused, maybe I grew up as a good child. In my childhood there were always many brothers and sisters and we all were friends and met often. And my friends from the kindergarten, and to this day, are the same.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.