Essays on “What is Faith”

If we talk about religious faith, then it is amazing. For thousands of years, people fought, defended, and died for her. Everyone goes a different way, for example, to devote himself to Christianity, but worship of God can save everyone. There were cases when even envious and mercantile people, having believed in God, became worthy members of society.

If we talk about non-religious faith, then it also works miracles. Victory in World War II came at a great price. The citizens of our Motherland had many difficulties – hunger, constant bombing, the death of relatives and friends, but there was also an unshakable faith in victory, which helped to live and fight.

The worst moments in life are when a person, for various reasons, becomes disillusioned with faith. Maybe he stops believing in love or religion. The worst thing is if he loses self-confidence, without which it is impossible to realize in his favorite business, at work.

As an example, I want to cite the personality of Wilhelm Kusserov, who became known for the fact that during the Second World War he refused to serve on the side of the Wehrmacht. Wilhelm was a Jehovah’s Witness and therefore believed that killing a person is a sin, that is, is unacceptable. Many tried to convince the young man, but faith turned out to be stronger than Nazi ideas. For his beliefs, he was sentenced to death. So, William Kusserov died for his faith in the twenty-fifth year of his life, his act is an example of perseverance and fidelity.

It is important to remember other concepts, superstition and gullibility, they should not be confused with faith.

Gullibility is when a person believes everything not to be told, for example, gossip or quick methods of earning. Being in constant search of a profitable place, they often fall into the traps of fraudsters, which is why they lose time and money. I believe that such people are very frivolous, because trusting the first comer without checking the facts is very risky.

Superstitious people believe in signs. I think that everyone in his life has met a man who would beware of Friday the thirteenth, would be furious if a black cat crossed the road. How justified is such superstition? Nobody knows, but I believe that you need to believe in signs, as their veracity has been verified by many generations.

Thus, faith is very important for a person. She helps him live in peace with others and with himself ..

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.