Essays on “What is Self-Insecurity”

Self-doubt is very disturbing for many people. This is like not knowing that you have a lot of money in your wallet. And you save every penny, you are afraid to buy even what you need … And you just don’t use your resources, you don’t let yourself develop!

How many cases were there when a person went to his dream, for example, hoped for a raise or wanted to go to another country. And then a “miracle” happened or it seems to him that this is a miracle, but in fact he achieved it himself with his work. Here a man is already a step away from his dreams, but he suddenly refuses. The man thought and decided that he could not cope. He is simply unsure of himself!

This is on the verge of big changes, events, a person just like that because of a lack of faith in himself can back up. And it also happens that insecurity simply spoils a person’s normal life. Some cannot communicate normally with other people. For example: with sellers, with drivers, even with friends. To such an uncertain person, it seems that everyone sees only his flaws. Here, of course, the tension is noticeable, you can start to get confused in words, stutter … When such a person gets to work (if accepted), then he immediately thinks that it will not work. If his forecast is confirmed, then it seems to please a person. “I told you! I never … ”Why then, in general, take up something?

Often, uncertainty causes communication with another sex. Also, many guys can not talk to the girl, get acquainted. Yes, and the girls have the same story. In short, uncertainty hinders everything.

Self-doubt is a feeling that lives deep inside a person and does not allow him to exist normally. Usually it manifests itself in doubts, from which, as a consequence, low self-esteem follows.

So where does self-doubt come from and is it necessary to fight it? Self-doubt arises in childhood and either passes over time or increases every year. Perhaps the parents did not praise the child enough in childhood, or something did not work out for him, and because of this, self-doubt arose.

This feeling does not allow a person to live in peace, all the time recalling about himself. Low self-esteem does not allow the person to develop, take on any business. Indeed, each time an inner voice whispers: “What if you can’t do it?” This is how self-doubt manifests itself. This feeling can be safely called a disease, and people with this syndrome almost never achieve their goals. Just because they do not set them. After all, they are not sure whether they can achieve it. Insecure people will not be able to make a career, they are doomed to failure. Therefore, it is necessary to struggle with low self-esteem, to extract it from your consciousness, so that life once again plays with bright colors.

The reason for low self-esteem and insecurity in many cases originates in childhood. Incorrect education of the child, excessive rigor and underestimation of its potential capabilities entail great consequences in adulthood. Insecure people have practically no opportunity to build a normal career, start a family, etc. The modern rhythm of life will not leave a trace of uncertainty. From the first signs it is worth fighting this problem. An insecure person may be embarrassed to ask the time of departure of the bus, but what can we say about complex relationships in society? Of course, it would be wrong to ignore other causes of excessive shyness and uncertainty. For example, problems with appearance expose a person to perceiving themselves worse than others. In any case, it is necessary to act.

Overcoming insecurity is easier than it sounds. What needs to be done and understood to improve your own self-esteem? Ideal people do not exist, no matter what color the skin, height, weight, position in society, everyone has the right to a decent life. All people are ever mistaken, do not be shy and afraid of mistakes. Reading books, an interesting hobby, sports make a person physically and spiritually richer and increase their self-esteem. Even a small achievement, this is a victory over oneself and a step towards the further development of oneself as a versatile person. If with all these actions a person feels insecure, then it makes sense to turn to a qualified psychologist for help.

In most cases, the problem is more fictitious and exaggerated. Moving forward and overcoming life’s difficulties positively affects one’s own self-esteem and contributes to further victories.

How to be with her? Slowly overcome. Do a little bit, praise yourself. The main thing is not to close oneself, not to consider the world as an enemy. In a new environment, for example, a person usually feels at ease. But if you get used to it quickly enough, then you can soon help other newcomers.

Thus, it can be said that self-doubt is just a block in a person’s head. A wall that you need to get rid of for a normal and happy life.

Remember: The process of learning a person lasts a lifetime. The value of the same knowledge for different people may be different, it is determined by their individual characteristics and needs. Therefore, knowledge is always needed at any age and position.