Essays on “What is Trust”

Often trust arises between people who respect and love each other and they have pure intentions. It is a kind of hope of one person to receive reciprocity from another. Friendship and family are built on such feelings. If there is no trust in any relationship, then they will not last long and disappear without a trace.

This is great when there is a person nearby who can be trusted with personal secrets. Frank and pure relationships are built on this high feeling. Next to the person you trust, you can be yourself, not pick words and at the same time feel safe.

Not everyone can open the soul. Trust deserve only decent, sincere, good-natured, open people. They can only be selected friends who have been tested by time and various situations. And everyone else is just familiar.

It happens that we give a credit of trust to completely unworthy people. But when they betray us, it hurts and offends us that it was to them that we opened our souls.

When there is understanding between people, then there is harmony. This is great when you can talk and get the expected support. In life, it is necessary to strive to ensure that people who do not betray, reproach, but listen, help and give wise advice are in close circle.

Even work requires trust. Partnerships will not bring positive results if they lack faith. The patient must trust the doctor, then the treatment will become more productive. You can bring a lot of professions in which confidentiality is important.

The relationship between children and their parents must first be trustworthy. The behavior of the child in society and his future depends on this.

When a person realizes that he is surrounded by traitors and hypocrites. He becomes closed and loses confidence in all people. That is why frequent revelations arise with completely strangers (for example, with fellow travelers on a train).

Only a person with high moral principles and a developed spiritual world can keep a secret, sincerely rejoice for a friend and give the right advice. It is these people who deserve trust and respect. Often they are self-confident and do not wish others harm. And evil, arrogant and negative people should not be trusted, even small secrets. They are not capable of positive actions. Therefore, you can trust only time-tested people.

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