Essays on “Winter Evening”

Winter evening is the most beautiful time of day. Just in the evening, the roar of the megalopolis subsides and the air of silence and peace reigns around. Sometimes you stand near your window and watch how beautiful snowflakes flutter in the sky and some land on your windowsill. As the whole yard is covered with a white sheet from the snow. This is a very beautiful sight.

Any time of the year is great from its point of view. For example, I like to walk in winter, not noisy evenings. In the streets where white is white with snow, such evenings are mysterious, white, calm, fabulous, I like to walk and enjoy the beauty of a winter evening.

Magical snow creaks underfoot. On the street, breathing becomes cool and in-depth. All the trees are covered with snow, they are as if in caps of snowfall. The sun is gone, and the lights in the windows begin to light. And in the courtyards lights turn on. Icicles of various shapes hang on the roofs of houses. And the snow glistens like a diamond. Stretching out my arms, I catch snowflakes, they are so tiny, but you can still see their beauty. On a winter evening, witchcraft hovers around. From the yards you hear children’s laughter. The guys roll snow balls to make a snowman, ride each other on a sled, and just throw snow.

But when it gets really cold, it’s time to run home, bask under a warm blanket, drink hot tea, and watch a winter tale from the window or watch a New Year’s movie. Winter brings with it a fairly large number of holidays. Christmas tree and presents from Santa Claus and snowballs. Carols and Epiphany swimming.

In winter, people believe more in miracles. Especially when you turn off the light, and beautiful lights are burning on the tree, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, you believe that what you make will certainly come true. From summer, spring, and autumn evenings, a winter evening is distinguished by the fact that, as a rule, in this cool time of the year, true miracles happen, and magical presents present fate.

These winter evenings bring us closer to the New Year holidays and Christmas. At this favorable time it is easy to breathe deeply, therefore, it is not for nothing that they say that by breathing in the frosty air you can cleanse yourself and cheer up. The purification of the soul and thought allows you to set yourself up for the soulful spirit and fulfillment of the cherished goal.

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