Essays on “Winter in Our City”

Winter in my city is a very exciting time for all children. All the guys start sledding, making snowmen, throwing snowballs. In winter, the city becomes very comfortable. All people become like snowmen, as they wear a lot of warm clothes. The guys have fun skating, many mischievous detonate firecrackers, crackers. In winter, a special atmosphere is created, most of all this is noticeable before the New Year holidays. Children begin to wait for Santa Claus, gifts. They are waiting for the warmth, joy of New Year’s Eve. On this eve, pre-holiday bustle begins. Parents run around, looking for the very special gift that is very important for each child. Everywhere is the smell of tangerines, the smell of something imperceptible is also in the air.

But the most important attribute of winter is the Christmas tree. Dressing up the Christmas tree with the whole family is a very important tradition not only for our town, but also for the whole country. Well, the holiday ended, the children opened gifts and it’s time for walks. Another 10 days of freedom from school, everyone is just having fun and enjoying life, attending various New Year’s events, enjoying life. This time will be remembered for a lifetime, as the brightest. Also in the winter in my city everything is lighted up with garlands, all the shops become multi-colored, flashing different lights. At this time, from everywhere you can see the New Year’s greetings: from all the windows on every street. The whole city is covered with snow, this is especially noticeable in small, sparsely populated areas. There is so much snow there that you fall down knee-deep when you walk. In winter, it seems that all people become a little kinder. Everyone is trying to get on the bus as soon as possible and go.

Buses in winter are also a very important discussion item. They become terribly cozy, warm, and outside on the windows the frost draws very beautiful patterns, very noticeable for all the inhabitants of our cold country. Every winter we seem to return to childhood, even as adults. We begin to believe again in the fairy tale about Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Also at this time in the city you can see many cars that remove snow. Their pleasant yellow color is very interesting. At this time, more and more places where hot drinks are sold begin to open. It is always nice to smell this when you pass by.

I believe that winter is the most interesting time in the life of any child, but for an adult it is a time of new miracles. Love winter, because it is at this time that all the best in people wakes up.

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