Essays on “Winter”

The golden autumn is over. Winter came. The first winter frosts cover the branches of trees, bushes and dried grass with fluffy hoarfrost. Nature seems to apply a white fluffy winter outfit. Instead of gray autumn rain, beautiful and fluffy snow is falling. All trees in the forest are covered with a beautiful white veil. Snow picturesquely lies on the “paws” of Christmas trees and pines. The clear white snow shows traces of forest inhabitants – hares, foxes, wolves, wild boars, roe deer. Rivers and lakes are covered with ice. Sometimes it is so transparent that under it you can see fish living in water bodies.

Animals in the forest also prepare for cold winter days: fur-bearing animals change their fur coats to warmer ones, and even sometimes change the color of their fur, such as hares, for disguise. Some animals hibernate – it is easier to survive the winter cold and the lack of good food. Squirrels and other rodents stockpile food for the winter in their hollows and burrows. Winter is a difficult test for forest dwellers.

Winter always comes “unexpectedly.” Especially in cities for utilities. The first snow and ice bring a lot of extreme and funny episodes. But it’s not always funny when you fall painfully. In winter you need to walk carefully. Warm clothing protects from the cold, but it also makes it a little difficult to move as quickly and easily as in summer.

Although it is very cold in winter, there are many interesting activities for adults and children: skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snowmobiling and ice skating. Sometimes even sledges and skis are not needed to go downhill – just ice cubes or, in extreme cases, a briefcase are enough. Hockey and figure skating are fun for ice rink lovers.

Winter holidays for schoolchildren coincide with the most fun holidays: New Year and Christmas. Christmas trees dress up in almost every home. A holiday is a carnival and gifts. Perhaps that is why even adults believe in the magic of New Year’s Eve – Santa Claus arrives with his granddaughter Snegurochka in a sleigh, brings gifts and fulfills all his cherished wishes.

Although it is cold in winter, it is one of the most joyful times of the year. Funny snowball fights, downhill skiing, skiing and ice skating, and much more that is so lacking in the summer. In winter, people are not busy in their gardens in the villages, and so they come up with fun activities for themselves. According to folk traditions, winter is considered the most magical time of the year. Girls are guessing at future suitors, predicting fate. Winter also ends with a fun holiday – Maslenitsa. It is customary to see off the evil winter and meet the green spring. I really love winter for its magical beauty and cheerfulness.

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