Establishment of military dictatorships in African countries

Due to the fact that the borders of African states during the “race for Africa” ​​were drawn artificially, without taking into account the settlement of various peoples and tribes, as well as the fact that traditional African society was not ready for democracy, in many African countries, after gaining independence, civil war. Dictators have come to power in many countries. The resulting regimes are distinguished by disregard for human rights, bureaucracy, totalitarianism, which, in turn, leads to an economic crisis and growing poverty.

The reasons
• Incomplete processes of the formation of African society
• Relatively short period of independent development of African countries
• Complex interweaving of different types of economic relations
• Weak social and class differentiation of society
• Remnants of tribal relations
• A wide range of ideological views of the population
• Economic and political dependence on developed countries
• The presence of such social phenomena as hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy, low political culture

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