Expand the contents of the following concepts: regulatory gene, structural gene, operator, operon, activator protein, repressor protein.

Regulatory gene – A gene that regulates the production of other genes. Regulatory genes activate and inhibit a group of neighboring genes called the Operon, which functions as a unit. A structural gene is any gene that encodes a polypeptide chain or RNA molecule, including regulatory genes that encode products that determine the expression of other structural genes.
An operator is a DNA nucleotide sequence that a regulatory protein binds to – a repressor or activator. For the first time, the operator was described in the composition of the lactose operope E, coli as a region overlapping with the promoter located in front of the genes in the composition of the operon.
An operon is a unit of genetic material consisting of one or more functionally related structural genes, the manifestation of which has a common regulation,
Activator protein – proteins that, when associated with DNA, enhance the transcription of this gene.
Repressor protein is a DNA-binding or RNA-binding protein that inhibits the expression of one or more genes by binding to an operator or silencers,

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