Expand the positive and negative significance of chemistry in the life of a modern person.

Positive value: metal and plastic dishes, clothes and shoes, medicines, cosmetics and hygiene products (soap, shampoo, toothpaste), detergents and disinfectants, mineral fertilizers and plant protection products, new materials for the manufacture of machine parts and mechanisms (for example, computers), for the manufacture of everyday goods, household goods.
Negative value: clothes and shoes made of synthetic materials are electrified, and this is harmful to humans, such clothes irritate the skin, because they do not allow air to pass through and do not absorb sweat; the use of mineral fertilizers increases the amount of nitrates in vegetables and makes them harmful for consumption, herbicides and pesticides destroy the natural flora of the Earth; detergents and disinfectants are carcinogenic and contribute to the development of cancer in humans and the like.

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