Explain the logic of the development of the Napoleonic Wars.

First, the French were forced to fight, then the defensive wars turned into aggressive ones (as Lenin said); with the exception of trips to Italy (not those that were during the Directory) – they, like previous Italian expeditions, were aimed at replenishing the treasury, distributing land to proxies (relatives), creating a strong system of pro-Italian alliances in the south, countering anti-French (primarily – Austrian) activities. Having deprived Austria of most of the possessions in Italy and establishing a border along the Rhine, Bonaparte made peace with the Empire in 1801, followed by peace treaties with Turkey, Russia and Great Britain. However, the contradictions with England were too deep – she patronized the Bourbons, drove French goods out of markets, was afraid of competition in the colonies. Therefore, the main core of the wars were the contradictions of France and England: colonial and for sales markets. England literally set Napoleon against all the countries of the content and made several attempts on his life. Napoleon had a long and painful time, smashing one enemy after another, to create a favorable situation for France on the European continent. The war with Russia does not go beyond its borders – Napoleon wanted to force Russia to carry out the Continental blockade.

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