Fill in the comparison table “European Wars of the 18th century.” (events, participants, results and results) Fill in the comparative table “European wars of the 18th century.” (events, participants, outcomes and results)

date Event Member countries Outcome
1701-1714 War of Spanish Succession France against England and the Netherlands The defeat of France and the strengthening of England. Holland became an ally of England
1700-1721 North War Sweden v. Russia, Denmark, Polish – Lithuanian Commonwealth (Poland) Defeat of Sweden. Russia got access to the Baltic Sea. Sweden lost part of the Baltic lands
1740-1748 War of Austrian Succession Prussia, France, Spain and part of the German principalities of the STs from Austria, England, Holland and Russia The Austrian Empress Maria Theresa preserved the unity of her territories. The struggle of the Prussian Hohenzollerns and Austrian Habsburgs began for the primacy among the German states
1756-1763 Seven Years War Prussia, England v France, Austria, Saxony, Russia and Sweden The increase in Russia’s military power. The growing contradictions between England and France. England becomes the leading colonial empire, taking Canada and Lusitania in North America and part of the possessions in India from France


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