Fill in the table “Analyzers” Visual Auditory Vestibular Olfactory Vkusovoy

Analyzer Peripheral department Conductor department Central department
Visual Retinal photoreceptors Optic nerve Visual area in the occipital lobe of the PCP
Auditory Auditory receptors of Corti’s organ Auditory nerve Auditory area in the temporal lobe of the KBP
Vestibular Semicircular canal receptors Vestibular, then auditory nerve Parietal region in the PCP
Olfactory Olfactory receptors in the nasal cavity Olfactory nerve Olfactory nuclei and olfactory centers of the temporal lobe of the PCP
Vkusovoy Oral receptors Facial, glossopharyngeal nerve Taste zone in the parietal lobe of the PCP
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