Fill in the table “Cellular structure of the stem”

Layer the cloth Structure Function

(skin Bung)

Covering The skin is formed by one layer of cells with dense membranes (present only in young shoots).

The cork consists of several layers of dead, air-filled cells. Lentils are formed by large cells of the main tissue with large intercellular spaces

Protection of deeper cells from damage, excessive evaporation of moisture, penetration of pathogens. Gas exchange is carried out through the lentils
Bast Conductive,



The inner part of the bark. Consists of sieve tubes, companion cells, storage cells and dead cells of mechanical tissue, which give strength to the bast Conducting organic matter from leaves to root, storing nutrients
Cambium Educational Formed by one layer of living narrow long cells with thin membranes Cell division and stem growth in thickness
Wood Main,



It is formed by cells of various sizes and shapes: the vessels of the conductive tissue consist of dead cells with thickened walls. Wood fibers are made up of thick-walled cells Conduction of water and minerals, support function
Core Main storage Consists of large, thin-walled, loosely adjacent cells Storing nutrients
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