Fill in the table “Changes and development of the country’s relief in geological time”

Eras Periods Geological events
Cenozoic 3.quarter General uplift of the territory. Repeated glaciation. The emergence of man.
2.neogene Dominance of angiosperms (flowering) plants.
1.Paleogene The widespread distribution of flowering plants. Development of birds and mammals.
Mesozoic 3.chalk Extinction of giant reptiles. Development of birds and mammals.
2.Jurassic Formation of modern oceans. Reptile flourishing. The appearance of birds.
1.triassic The rise of the continents, the retreat of the sea. The first mammals.
Paleozoic 6.perm Dry climate, the appearance of gymnosperms.
5.coal Hot, humid climate. The development of forests (plauns, ferns), the first reptiles, amphibians.
4.devonian Hot climate. The first deserts. The emergence of amphibians and fish.
3.Silurian The first land plants appear.
2.Ordovician Decrease in the S of the seas. The emergence of terrestrial invertebrates.
1.cambrian The emergence of young mountains. Offensive of the sea. The flourishing of marine invertebrates.
Proterozoic The beginning of the Baikal folding. Time for bacteria and algae.
Archaea The oldest folding. Volcanic activity. Time of unicellular bacteria.
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