Fill in the table “Changes in the worldview of Europeans 15-18 centuries”

Comparison lines. Medieval worldview to the XV century) Changes in the Renaissance ( XV-XVI centuries ).
What is the role of God in establishing the laws of the device of the world? Can a person know these laws? A person can learn the laws of the structure of the world, and scientists must justify the teachings of the church. Man began to learn the laws of the world through experiments, experiments and observations.
How does a person work? What is his purpose in life? Man must live in Christian asceticism. Man is God’s best creation, he is able to dream and strive for happiness. Man is beautiful in soul and body.
From what am I moving towards the history of mankind? From creation to heaven. From darkness to happiness.
Equal people in public rights? No, their rights depend on their origin. Yes.
How did state power come about? Ruler – Viceroy of God on earth. By election.
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