Fill in the table “Characteristics of rocks by origin”.

Description plan Igneous Metamorphic Sedimentary
1. Dense or loose rock? 1. Dense 1. Dense 1. Dense; loose
2. Crystalline or earthy? 2. Crystalline (glitters in the sunlight) 2. Crystalline (sometimes crystals in the form of plates or fibers) 2. Earthy, not crystalline (does not shine in the sun)
3. Structure (sizes of debris or mineral grains composing the rock): coarse – more than 2 mm; medium-grained – 1-2 mm; fine-grained – less than 1 mm (dust) 3. Can be any: coarse-grained, medium-grained, fine-grained 3. Fine-grained 3. Debris can be of any kind, more often a fine-grained structure (particles are not visible with the naked eye)
4. Hardness: hard or soft? 4. Solid 4. Solid 4. Soft
5. Mass: light or heavy? 5. Severe 5. Severe 5. Mild to moderate
6. Are the remains of organisms observed? 6. No b. Sometimes observed b. Organic has signs of ancient organisms
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