Fill in the table “Comparative characteristics of first animals, lower (marsupials) and higher (placental) animals”

Stage name First Beast Lesser beasts (marsupials) Higher beasts (placental)
The presence of a cloaca Yes No No
Consistency of body temperature No Weak Yes
Features of the structure of oocytes Large Smaller Smaller
The presence of a uterus No Yes Yes
The presence of a placenta No No Yes
Features of the mammary glands There are no nipples, there are ducts 1 nipple in a bag have nipples
Laying eggs or live birth Laying eggs Viviparity Viviparity
The degree of development of the cubs after their appearance Naked and blind cubs Small, underdeveloped Developed
Place of development of cubs after their appearance In the burrow of the platypus, the bag of the echidna In the bag In the environment
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