Fill in the table “Comparative characteristics of pond snail, toothless and squid”

Signs Pond snail Toothless Squid
Habitat Freshwater body Freshwater body Sea body
Lifestyle Sedentary Sedentary Mobile
Symmetry type Asymmetric Bilateral Bilateral
The presence of body parts a) head

b) torso c) legs

+ + + – + + + + +
The presence of the mantle there is there is there is

shell and its shape

Yes, spirally wound Yes, sash No
Presence of eyes there is No  there is
Type of circulatory system Open Open Semi-closed
Having a heart there is there is there is
Respiratory organ Breathing hole Gills Breathing hole
Features of the nervous system Nerve nodes, nerves Nerve nodes, nerves Nerve nodes, nerves
Hermaphrodite or dioecious organism Hermaphrodite Dioecious Dioecious
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