Fill in the table “Comparative characteristics of the main orders of mammals”.

Unit name Characteristic signs Representatives
Oviparous Cubs are born in an egg, there is no uterus, there is a cloaca Echidna, platypus
Marsupials Cubs are born underdeveloped and develop in the mother’s pouch Kangaroo
Insectivores Feed on insects Hedgehogs, shrews
Rodents Have a characteristic tooth structure, incisors that grow

all life

Rat, mouse, guinea pig
Primates The most developed, have a developed brain Lemurs, gorilla, chimpanzee
Carnivores Feed on other mammals Tiger, lion
Pinnipeds Front and hind legs are represented by fins Walrus, seal
Cetaceans Have a tail fin and forelimbs represented by fins Killer whale, dolphin
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