Fill in the table “Features of the human skeleton in connection with upright posture, work and speech”

Skeleton Departments Features What caused
Foot Vaulted. Carries out functions of the shock-absorber.
Lower limbs More massive and longer. Withstand body weight, increased movement speed.
Taz Expanded, cupped. Support for internal organs.
Spine: It has 4 bends, S-shaped. Depreciation on the move.
Rib cage Extended to the sides. There is no pressure on the sternum due to upright posture.
Upper limbs Contrasted thumb, spherical articular head of the humerus. Provides a firm grip. The spherical joint provides movement in several planes.
Upper limb belt In addition to the shoulder blades, there are clavicles. Clavicles provide the ability to move the upper limb in several planes.
Cerebral Skull Very well developed. Contains a very large brain.
Facial Skull Graceful , small jaws and teeth. A small load on the chewing apparatus due to the heat treatment of food.
Chin protrusion Well developed. The complex movements of the tongue during a conversation.


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