Fill in the table “Foreign policy and colonial conquests of Western European countries from 1870 to 1900”.

Decades Military-political alliances Wars Section of Africa Asia section
1870-1880 there are no military-political alliances Franco-Prussian and Russian-Turkish wars France invaded Algeria England fought the war in Afghanistan
1880-1890 The triple alliance of Germany, Austria and Italy in 1882   Germany invaded the T th, Cameroon, South-West Africa and German East Africa;
England – Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Tanganyika, South Africa;
France – Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Sudan, Mauritania;
Italy – Somalia and Eritrea.
France captured Indochina, and England – Burma.
1890-1900 Russian-French military convention of 1892 Japanese-Chinese, Spanish-American, Anglo-Boer Wars England establishes a protectorate over Egypt, France captures Madagascar Germany gets Shandong (China)


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