Fill in the table “Fruit types”

A type Name Characteristic Example



Bean A unilocular fruit opening at two seams. The seeds are located on the walls of the fruit Peas, beans, soybeans, lentils, vetch
Pod A fruit that opens with two flaps. The seeds are located on the inner septum Cabbage, radish, mustard, radish, shepherd’s purse
Box Fruit that breaks open, holes or breaks apart Poppy, tulip, dope, henbane, flax





Non-opening fruit with woody pericarp Hazel, linden, gravilat, lotus
Acorn Non-opening fetus with a leathery pericarp, partially submerged in the operculum Oak, beech



Achene Non-opening unilocular fruit with a leathery pericarp, often with various outgrowths Sunflower, dandelion, string, cornflower
Weevil Non-opening unilocular fruit with a membranous pericarp close to the seed coat Wheat, rye, rice, corn, barley
Juicy single-seeded fruits Drupe Fruit with a hard, woody intracarp, succulent pericarp and filmy colored exocarp Cherry, apricot, plum, peach, viburnum, mango
Juicy multi-seeded fruits Mnogokostyanka Combined fruit. Formed from flowers with a large number of pistils. Represents small drupes fused together Raspberry, blackberry, stoneberry, cloudberry
Berry Unilocular or multi-celled non-opening fetus Currants, grapes, potatoes, tomato

(bull’s eye)

Fruits with a cartilaginous intracarp. In addition to the ovary, other parts of the flower are involved in the formation of the fetus. Apple tree, pear, mountain ash, hawthorn
Pumpkin Fruit with an exocarp stiffening when ripe. In addition to the ovary, the receptacle participates in the formation of the fetus. Cucumber, watermelon, melon, pumpkin, zucchini


Multi-roots with a fleshy receptacle overgrown during ripening Strawberries,




Multi-celled fruit, composed of three layers: flavedo, albedo and pulp Orange, tangerine, lemon
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