Fill in the table “Hominids and their historical age”

Human ancestors Historical age Brain size Organization complexity features Data on work and social life
Australopithecus 3.5-5 million years 500-600 cm3 Height 120-150 cm, hands a gripping organ, teeth similar in shape to human teeth, upright posture Herd lifestyle, joint hunting, used natural objects as tools for obtaining food and protection, taking care of the members of the herd.


1-1.5 million years 1100 cm3 Height 150-170 cm, massive bones, skull low, pronounced superciliary arches, massive jaws, upright posture . Public lifestyle, maintaining fire, the manufacture of primitive tools.
Neanderthal 28-400 thousand years 1700 cm3 Height 160 cm, rough structure of the skeleton, massive bones, sloping forehead, large head pulled into the shoulders They lived in groups, used fire, manufactured various tools, the emergence of religious beliefs, the first burial places, cannibalism
Cro-Magnon 50-60 thousand years 1800cm3 Height 180 cm, lack of infraorbital platy, dense physique, well-developed muscles. They lived by the clan community, manufactured complex tools, the emergence of art, the domestication of animals, the emergence of agriculture.


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