Fill in the table “Main stages of the annual life cycle of mammals”.

Stage name Features:
Preparing for breeding Accompanied by the formation of married couples, herds, harems. Mating is preceded by tournament fights between males, which are expressed in some only by threatening poses and lunges towards the competitor, while in others by real battles. Sometimes a rather long period passes between mating and the appearance of cubs.
Reproduction, taking care of offspring By this time, animals change their habitats, move into thickets of bushes, ravines, heaps of stones and other shelters. Here they make holes, dens, build nests.
Preparing for winter In mammals, it is characterized by intensive nutrition – they store fat. At a certain time, the animals molt: they replace their dark summer wool with a thick white fur coat.
Wintering The final stage of the annual cycle. With a decrease in food reserves and a deterioration in the conditions for obtaining it, some mammals hibernate.
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