Fill in the table “The role of water and mineral salts in the cell”

Ions of sodium, potassium and chlorine Participate in the formation of nerve impulses
Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium Ions Activate a number of enzymes
Calcium ions
  • Participate in blood coagulation
  • Involved in muscle contraction
  • As part of lime, they are components of the intercellular substance of bone tissue, mollusk shells, etc.
Magnesium ions Part of chlorophyll
Iron ions Fe2 + Part of hemoglobin
Zinc ions Are part of the pancreatic hormone insulin
Ion iodine They are part of the thyroid hormone thyroxine
Anions HPO24-, H2PO4-, HCO-3 They are part of the buffer systems of cells that maintain a constant pH
Anions RO43- They are part of a number of organic substances: nucleotides, phospholipids, etc.
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