Fill in the table: Travel and geographical discoveries

Traveler Travel time Travel Routes Discoveries
Herodotus 5 c. BC. Coast e Asia Minor, the Balkans, the South East European Plain drawing up a description of nature, peoples living on the East European Plain
Pythaeus 4 c. BC. north of Europe, reached Britain established the relationship between latitude and length of day and night
Marco Polo 1271-1293 through the Mediterranean Sea along the Tigris Valley to the Persian Gulf, through the deserts and mountains of Central Asia to China the wounds of the East
Christopher Columbus 1492-1504 across the Atlantic to the shores of America discovery of America
Vasco de Gama 1497-1499 around Africa to India sea ​​route to India
F. Magellan 1519-1522 from Spain to South America, New Zealand, Africa and back to Spain first trip around the world. Time Zone Opening
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