Fill in the table “Viruses and Viral Diseases”

Disease name Pathogen Affected areas of the body Distribution method
Flu Microvirus of one of the three types A, B, C Respiratory tract, epithelium lining the trachea and bronchi. Drip infection.
Smallpox Smallpox virus. (DNA – containing the virus). Airways, then skin. Drip infection (possibly contact transmission through wounds).
Measles Xovirus

(RNA – containing the virus).

The respiratory tract from the oral cavity to the bronchi, then the transition to the skin and intestines. Drip infection
Measles rubella Rubella virus Respiratory tract, cervical lymph nodes, eyes, skin. Drip infection
ARVI A variety of viruses. The respiratory tract, usually only the upper. Drip infection.
Polio Polio virus (RNA-containing). Throat and intestines, then blood; sometimes motor neurons of the spinal cord. Drip infection.


 Arthropod-borne virus Blood vessels and liver. Carriers are arthropods, such as ticks and mosquitoes.
Piggy Xovirus (RNA-containing) The respiratory tract, then the infection spreads throughout the body through the blood. Drip infection or contact transmission through the mouth with infectious saliva.


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