Fill out the table “First Reforms in Japan”.

The reform Reform Content The changes that have introduced reforms in the economic, political and cultural life of society.
Agrarian private ownership of land The land became the object of sale, the peasants became the owners of the plots.
Administrative Division into prefectures Abolished the principalities, which means the power of the princes. Prefectures led by state . officials .
Military The introduction of universal conscription Samurai ceased to be a military caste, the army was created according to the European model.
Social Three estates were created: two noble and “common people” Castes were canceled. Equal rights of the nobility; “Common people” united peasants, artisans and merchants, and a change of profession was allowed.
Government Constitution, introduction of parliament, the formation of ministries. Effective government, the possibility of creating parties and influence on the polit Well , the country.
Financial The introduction of the yen Formation of a single domestic market and financial system.
Tax Cancellation of levy, introduction of land tax Instead of unstable in-kind tax, taxes were levied in fixed cash.
Educational Universal education Improving the level of education and a unified education system.
Economic Industry Creation and Protectionist Policies Rapid industrialization of the country and the development of trade
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