Fill out the table “Forms of the struggle for existence”

The form a brief description of Example
Intraspecific It proceeds most acutely, as the ecological niche of individuals coincides. Organisms compete for limited resources: food, territorial, males struggle to fertilize the female. As a result, individuals acquire adaptations – the delimitation of individual plots, complex hierarchical relationships Competition between coeval coniferous forest trees; with an abundance of chicks of some species of birds, stronger ones are thrown out of the nest of weaker ones, etc.
Interspecific Occurs between individuals of different species. It is most acute if the ecological niche of individuals coincides. Organisms compete for food and territorial resources. It may be competition or use of one species by another. Competition for food between cheetahs and hyenas; eviction of a gray rat a black rat from its habitat; predator-prey relationship
Fighting adverse physical conditions It can strengthen and weaken the inter- and intraspecific struggle. There is a struggle for factors of inanimate nature. Hereditary variation, increasing the adaptability of a species to an environmental factor, leads to a biological process Fighting drought in plants – reducing transpiration, fighting cold – accumulating subcutaneous fat (seals, walruses)
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