Fill the table. Transport of substances through the plasma membrane

Mode of transport Transport mechanism Transported substances
Diffusion concentration gradient, i.e. from a region with a high concentration to a region with a low concentration Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Ethyl Alcohol
2. Osmosis transition of solvent molecules only along a concentration gradient through a semipermeable membrane Water
3, active transport The carrier protein binds the transferred molecule or ion, changes its configuration and pumps the substance into the cell or out Na Ca , K, Na , proteins
4. Endocytosis a certain section of the plasmalemma captures and envelops the extracellular material, as it were, enclosing it in a membrane vacuole, which arose as a result of the membrane was invaginated . Subsequently , this vacuole combines with the lysosome, the enzymes of which break down the macromolecules into monomers. Amino acids, monosaccharides
5. Exocytosis the transfer of macromolecules from the cell to the outside the process is going in the opposite direction Proteins and lipids
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