Find a way to find out how often the cells of a single celled alga are dividing.

Method 1: Take a test tube, pour 1 ml of water, start 1 algae, put in the light, in a day see how many are in the test tube: take water samples and examine under a microscope.
Method 2: if we assume that 1 alga is formed per day, then you can calculate how many there will be in a month.
Method 3: clean the aquarium, pour clean water, put it in the light, start 10 algae. After a month, shake the contents of the aquarium, filter, weigh. Counting: knowing the weight (from the reference book) of one algae, find out their quantity, divide by time (month). For example: 4,009 bacteria were formed, divide by 30 days and we get the reproduction rate – 134 bacteria per day.

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