Find freely available archiving programs (except those listed in this paragraph) and prepare a message about them.

A number of archivers allow you to create multivolume archives, self-extracting archives, archives containing catalogs The following archivers are the most popular and widely used. ARJ, PKZIP / PK UNZIP, RAR, ACE. LHA, 1CE, CANCER, PKARC / PKXARC, ZOO, HYPER, AIN.
The most highly efficient archivers are RAR, ACE, AIN, ARJ.
They provide the highest compression ratio and the highest speed. The RAR archiver has a user-friendly graphical interface and allows you to read text files located both in the rar archive and in arj and zip archives.
The AIN archiver has a Russian-language interface. Archivers WinRAR and WinZIP work only under Windows-95/98/2000. They are necessary when working with long and Russian file names in Windows-95/98/2000. Currently, these archivers are used most often. The work of archivers ARJ, PKZIP, LHA, etc. is automated using the shells Norton Commander 4 0, 5 О, DOS Navigator, Windows Commander, etc.
For these archivers there are special programs for viewing archive files ARCVIEW and AV1EW. The main mode for all archivers is the command line mode. The RAR archiver can use its own menu for its work. Some archivers use separate unpacking programs to extract files from the archive, for example PKUNZIP, PKXARC. The degree of archive packing depends on the type of files being backed up, their number and size, the selected archiving program and the keys installed in it, and the type of archive. Packaged text files take up much less space than programs (exe and com files). The degree of packing is on average 2 – 3, but sometimes it reaches several tens.

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