Formulate the basic rules for resolving contradictions that arise in family life.

1. Remain calm. No matter how strong the desire to express everything now, it is better to abstain and calm down your passion. In no case do not become personal, do not humiliate each other, and even more so, do not say offensive words about the relatives of your husband or wife. Remember: the spoken words cannot be returned back!
2. Control your tone and don’t go screaming. Often this way of solving the problem ends very simply: one of the spouses slams the door and completely leaves the conversation.
3. Give each other an opportunity to talk. The first to start a dialogue is better for the “offended” side. Do not remember old grievances: the past must remain in the past.
4. Try not to lose your sense of humor. If the quarrel happened over a trifle, then you should try to translate everything into a joke. This is one of the easiest ways to resolve the conflict, but no less effective.
5. Do not swear in the presence of children under any circumstances. Children’s psyche is very unstable and vulnerable, so relieve them of unnecessary stress.
6. Seek help from a family counselor. In the case when the conflict has reached a dead end, and attempts to solve the problem on your own have not been successful, you should definitely get the advice of a specialist.

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